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Pop Art Guru Michael Albert

Meet American Pop Artist & Author Michael Albert!

New York based Artist Michael Albert is the author of an artist autobiography titled, “An Artist’s America” (Henry Holt, 2008) and is nationally known for making art from Cereal boxes & other printed cardboard consumer brand packages.

For the p

ast decade he has been making a Summer Tour of Libraries & Museums with his Pop Art Collage workshops, and has visited over 35 states with his art program so far. He is scheduled to visit North Dakota for the first time for a week from June 23rd thru June 30th. He will be on a 60 day tour of Libraries, Museums & Festivals in 11 states.

Mr. Alb

ert will be leading a Pop Art collage Art Workshop for the Dickinson Area Public Library on Wednesday June 23 from 3-5pm.

We wil

l also be posting several pre-recorded art demonstration videos for you to give a try at home.

An In

troduction video & art project demos will follow.

For some additional information about Mr. Albert & his art check out the following links & videos:

For more information about Michael Albert you can check out his website

and his Pinte

rest Boards where he has posted over 5,000 examples of his art creations according to various themes.

You can also view the following videos:

Here is the link to the Virtual Reading of his book, “An Artist’s America” This will give the viewer some good background information before attempting the collage projects.

Trailer for Art Documentary in-progress “Michael Albert American Pop Artist”

Smithsonian Ar


AMERICAN POP Artist MICHAEL ALBERT (American, born 1966)

Albert ha

s been creating ART since his college days at New York University, where he studied business (BPA, 1984-1988). After visiting many of the great museums in NYC and viewing some of the world's greatest masterpieces of art, he began his own artistic pursuits. His art has evolved from doodles and Pen & Ink to serious wax oil drawings, to the cubist mosaic Cereal box collages he has become known for internationally. Albert is a prolific artist who, over the past 35 years, has cr

eated literally thousands of original works of art including drawings & collages. many of his works can be viewed on his Pinterest Boards at In the past two decades, he has been creating large-scale "Epic" collage works on various themes including History, Literature, Religion & Philosophy, Music, Poetry & Lyrics, Botany, Logo Montages, Color Studies, Mathematics & Geography. Since the publishing of his book, an artist's autobiography titled, "An Artist's America” by Henry Holt in 2008, Albert has developed a traveling Pop Art Enrichment Program & Hands-On Collage Workshop for kids (school age & up), teens, adults & as a multi-generational event called the "Modern Pop Art Experience" which he has brought to more than 1,000 schools, libraries, museums, art festivals & special events in most

of the United States & in Europe. Albert is also the founder/owner of Sir Real, a brand of fruit juice & natural foods See below for more information, links & feel free to contact the studio for further inquiry.

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