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Keeping Library Patrons Connected, and Preparing for Programs!

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

We at the Dickinson Area Public Library Foundation, are always looking for better ways to connect library patrons with all of the amazing happenings taking place at our library. To that end, we will be posting updates to this site every week, covering upcoming library programs and as well as foundation initiatives to help support the library. We hope you will you join us here weekly to keep up with all of the exciting news!

We are excited to share with our fellow library patrons that the Dickinson Area Public Library will be resuming in person programs, starting in April. While library staff are excited to begin hosting programs for our community once again, the Library Board, and Library Director Ennen want to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone involved. What this means for us is that the way we sign up for programs is going to change slightly, sign ups will be required to attend a program, and there will now be a cap on the number of Patrons that can attend a program. In addition, the library will be holding more outdoor programs as the weather improves, and while some of the details have yet to be decided the library is hoping to host some of these programs in a new outdoor space on the library campus.

Join us again next week for even more Library News!

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